August 4, 2022

222 Taco – North Bay Village

It might sound a little weird at first, but stick with us for a second.


Burritos, tacos and margaritas.

So strange.

But if one place has a chance to make it work, it’s 222 Taco, a new place in North Bay Village to indulge in all of the above, along with other usual suspects like the chilaquiles and grinning a lot. It’s open now. Here is the slideshow.

The peach and turquoise neon light up sign will alert you and your party that you’ve arrived. The same will be true of the presence of the margarita bar (because there is a margarita bar), with its magical range of tequilas and mezcals proudly displayed.

Also discover one of their most unique essences, like Mamarita, the owner’s signature margarita with wine (instead of tequila), elderflower liqueur, passion fruit and agave. with lime.

Finally, you will head to the counter to order the Californian burrito stuffed with steak and fries. French fries seem to be a trend here, as evidenced by carne asada fries with guac sauce. There’s also the Nacho Friends, which are basically nachos with the option of fries instead of crisps. “Option” can be a funny word sometimes.

As you are in a group, you will be found at one of the communal tables after passing by the salsa bar. You don’t have to stick around as long as you want, laughing uncontrollably and doing that thing where music, tequila, and the general vibes of friends really make you feel fulfilled and happy, but it’s highly recommended. .

Closely related to the aforementioned scenario: They have breakfast all day, so feel free to come back the next morning for some huevos rancheros.

And general licking of wounds.