October 1, 2022

A Homemade Christmas | Forum Forks

A homemade Christmas

By Elizabeth Graeme

This year, I’m doing all the decorations for our Christmas tree myself. I’ve always wanted to be in charge of Christmas decorating and this year my mum and dad granted my wish. I really love homemade decorations because they are fun to make and fun to look at!

The first thing I did was go to the Chinook Pharmacy to get all the crafting supplies I would need to make everything. Choosing the colors was super fun. I made popcorn strings first, I may have eaten a lot of popcorn meant for the tree, but that’s only fair since I got the job done, right? This one is easy, just thread a needle and thread and poke it through a piece of regular popcorn. I only made a few strings, I had my assistant (dad) do most of them. I also made paper chains, these are easy, just staple paper rings together. My other assistant (mom) did most of those. I have also made ornaments from felt, paint, popsicle sticks, paint and glue. I preferred the elf I made in Mrs. Echeida’s class because it was the cutest. It sits at the top of the tree just below the star.

I love store bought crafts and decorations and ones that have been in my family for generations, but making your own is really cool! You should do it too! I made the star at the top of the tree with popsicle sticks, gems and glitter and attached it to the top of the tree, looks awesome! Homemade decorations are the best because they have more love.

Elizabeth Graeme is a 3rd year Forks resident and is sad not to be here next year as her father will soon be posted overseas. She hopes they go to Japan because they celebrate Christmas with a lot of Hello Kitty.