May 18, 2022

A ‘Spectacular’ Burger and ‘Perfect’ Fries, Louisville’s Box of Cheddar Makes Good Old-Fashioned American Food, too.

I don’t think it’s a major surprise to reveal that I’m a huge fan of world cuisine. Follow my gastronomic journey, and you will usually find me discovering another delicious Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Mexican, Venezuelan, African or other meal. This is going to double in these times of pandemic when the simple economy is pushing me to look for good, inexpensive food.

But, sometimes I just have to have a good old fashioned American meal like my mom used to do. Or maybe a little better. Sorry mom!

So this week I happily settled into a comfortable booth at Cheddar Box Too. In case you forgot, that “Too” means that it is the brother of Cheddar Box, a delicatessen and a specialty grocery store, which is located a few meters from a parking lot of this free parking lot. luxury building.

The original Cheddar Box has proven to be delicious home-made soups, sandwiches and desserts on the go since 1979. Cheddar Box Too opened about 34 years later, in 2012, after owner Nancy Tarrant finally gave in to a choir. constant opening requests that has been going on for years. a restaurant.

Cheddar Box Too is a great place for breakfast and lunch, says its Facebook page, and I agree. It’s open 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., seven days a week, in the pretty white building that previously housed the Digs garden store, and before that, the original home of the St. Matthews branch of Paul’s Fruit Market. , which now occupies more space nearby.

Colorful murals highlight our city and Muhammad Ali, one of our favorite sons.

I love the ambiance inside, where a huge painted fresco depicts the Louisville scene, the riverside and the Belle of Louisville and a tribute to Muhammad Ali. At the front of the building, a row of square windows the length of the long, narrow room gives a hint of old-fashioned dining.

The menu actually consists of two menus: lunch, which largely mirrors the sandwiches, soups and salads that made its brother Cheddar Box famous, and a full breakfast menu available all day.

The lunch menu includes a dozen sandwiches, which are priced in a narrow range of $ 11 to $ 13. Particularly famous are the Box Hot Brown Cheddar ($ 13) and Turkey Benedict and Bacon ($ 12), even receiving a Food Network mention, but I’ve never been disappointed with anything on the menu. The sandwiches come with your choice of chips, fries, fruit, a side salad or a cup of soup.

Half a dozen salads are in the same price range, with a seared salmon salad at $ 14. Nine homemade dressings are available. A pair of soups – the trademark tomato-artichoke and a soup of the day – costs $ 4 for a cup, $ 7 for a bowl.

Turn the page to the breakfast menu and you’ll find 13 options, including just about any dinner option. The price of the dishes ranges from $ 6.50 (for a bowl of oatmeal; a cup costs only $ 4.50) to $ 13 (for a basket of cookies and sauce, a basket of two eggs with spinach and tomatoes or a Southern Benedict with biscuit and sauce). Another dozen breakfast options or a la carte sides all cost less than $ 4.50.

Egg salad might sound boring, but Box Too Cheddar does exceptionally well, a creamy and appetizing mix of egg and mustard with a tangy taste of sweet relish on a simple wheat bread.

A cheeseburger ($ 13 plus an extra $ 2 for mushrooms) was spectacular. The eight-ounce burger was an inch thick. Not only was the pancake large, it also glistened with reddish droplets of fat and juice; it was exactly medium rare, as ordered, and boasted a delicious, juicy and meaty flavor.

Both halves of the bun were toasted in butter and the patty was topped with squares of American cheese that melted from the heat. The burger sat on a thick slice of tomato on top of lettuce leaves, with red onion and eye-catching pickle rings.

The fries on the side were perfect too. Long, square-cut, and fat-free, they had a crispy exterior that crunched when you bite into them, revealing a smooth, creamy interior.

An Egg Salad Sandwich ($ 11) might seem trivial in comparison, but, then again, Box Too Cheddar shines. Two slices of wheat sandwich bread wrapped around a large serving of creamy and flavorful egg salad. Finely diced hard-boiled eggs had been mixed with mayonnaise and enough mustard to add heat, with a sweet relish mixed in to add tangy, crunchy pops.

A “small” salad (free as a side dish, $ 4.50 à la carte) kept the pace impeccable. The spring mix lettuce had been carefully picked and mixed with juicy grape tomatoes cut in half and sliced ​​cucumbers, with thin slices of parmesan and walnut. The blue cheese dressing was thick, creamy, and loaded with chunks of soft cheese.

Cheddar Box Too has only one dessert of the day, and the chocolate pie ($ 6) was excellent. It featured contrasting layers of rich, dark interior with a dark ganache topping. A jar of whipped cream accompanied the takeout box.

With fresh and cold iced tea, a great lunch for two was $ 37.10, plus a tip of $ 8.

Cheddar box also
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