September 23, 2022

Benny’s returns and fans can’t wait

This week, fans of Den-Mex cuisine finally got the word they’ve been waiting for, via a post on the Benny’s Restaurant & Cantina Facebook page: Benny’s, closed since the dining room closed in March 2020, is coming back. “We are proposing to reopen Benny’s with a new remodel and the name ‘Benny’s Taverna’,” the post read. “We’ll be serving Benny’s classics (combo’s, burritos, tacos with our famous homemade green chili). As well as traditional American and Latin fusion. Of course, we’ll have our amazing margaritas.”

Owner Benny Armas has been in the restaurant business since he started in the kitchen of a South Broadway restaurant more than four decades ago; he opened his own restaurant in 1987 and moved Benny’s to its current location at 301 East Seventh Avenue in 1991.

Over the years, Benny’s has gained many fans, as evidenced by the comments on the Westword Facebook page after announcement of Benny’s planned reopening. Naomi says:

Glad to hear that. They are a wonderful anchor in our community, very nice people.

Michael adds:

They missed them very much. It will be a shame if they change it too much and mess it up.

Jack worries:

Hope they don’t spoil the experience with their new latin fusion menu.

Against Martha:

Just come back. We will eat anything.

said Konrad

Aooooooohhhhhhh. Slim! Sloppy Burrito, here I come!

Suggests Tom:

Good place for drinks. But some of the worst Mexican food in town.

Michael answers

I never understood the fascination with Benny’s. Mediocre at best.

Offers to Jim:

It was nice to walk around the neighborhood and not smell the lard in the air.

Martha replies:

The smell of Benny’s food is like heaven! I missed it, and the sirloin burrito. And the margins… and the fun party vibe.

Concludes Luis:

There is a god!

What do you think of Benny’s return? And if you were a regular at Benny’s, where did you go while it was closed?