December 2, 2022

Cristian Castro’s Argentinian girlfriend is fed up and issues a stern warning against the singer

Although he claims to be his girlfriend, We are in the morning (El Tres) He told her that in January 2021, Cristian Castro had an affair with Maite, to which she said: “Throughout this time, we have had a stalemate. Due to the pandemic he wanted me to travel to Los Angeles and here is my life. It is clear that it affects me because I love him, these things hurt me, but it is to admit it or not.

“I’m a little tired of the passage of time. The pandemic has separated us for a long time and showing myself to other women clearly touches me. He’s nice when he’s with me, he’s cute, but then I see other things and it doesn’t feel good. I love it”, He added.

Likewise, Yanina revealed that the Mexican singer is likely to be married. “At one point there was no direct offer. If the subject was brought up, but I weighed everything in the balance knowing what happened, ” Indian.

“There are things I don’t want to talk about too much because I don’t know if he knows I talk about them openly. Last time we met one-on-one. He’s coming to Buenos Aires in Puerto Madero, I live next door and we meet there.Tenuous.

How the relationship between Cristian Castro and his Argentinian girlfriend was born

Later, Yanina told how she met the singer: “We met in Argentina. Belén Frances had a lot to do with it because we met at a dinner party in Buenos Aires.

So he was french nativity scene comments that the singer Leo Garcia He had invited her to dinner and she went there with many friends, including Yanina. There was a Mexican singer in place and there they started a relationship.