December 2, 2022

Did Johnny Depp and Selena appear together in a movie?

Johnny Depp has shared films with many Hollywood stars.

However, he had also participated with a beloved figure for the Latin American audience.

The queen of Tex Mex, Selena Quintanillaand the American actor shared the screen in 1994.

What movie did Depp and Selena work on together?

The Queen of Tex Mex didn’t just have a passion for music. She also loved the acting scene.

Depp and Selena both shared the dream of succeeding with their talent.

Johnny Depp and Selena Quintanilla were part of Don Juan DeMarcoa film made in 1994.

What is Don Juan DeMarco about?

Francis Ford Coppola directed the story of a psychiatrist played by Marlon Brando.

Before his retirement, the psychiatrist and his wife were confronted with the particular case of Don Juan DeMarco, played by Johnny Depp.

DeMarco was a depressed man claiming to be the real Don Juan.

It was one of Depp’s breakthrough roles and one that left a deep impression on Quintanilla.

During the movie, Selena appeared singing a Mexican-style song.

The then The 22-year-old singer serenaded the psychologist and her partner during a romantic dinner at the restaurant.

“It’s a short little piece. I’m a mariachi singer,” Selena gleefully revealed almost 30 years ago in an interview about the film.

Selena didn’t just appear in the movie. Mexican-American singer performed the soundtrack with four songs.

In the credits, she does not appear with her iconic name as we know it, but as “Singer” with the name of Selena Perez.

The singer was very excited for this kind of project in which she not only sang for the whole world but also showed her acting talent.

Unfortunately, Selena Quintanilla was killed before the release of the movie Don Juan DeMarco.