October 1, 2022

Dinner on the market: a handpicked review of each resort

One aspect of college that we don’t examine as much as academics, but still staple of our memories here, is food. Below is the compilation of my thoughts and experiences so far at the Marketplace located on the lower level of Bartels Hall, commonly referred to as ‘Barts’.
The cold cuts
While there can be a long line during lunch hours, an attendant is ready to create your sandwich masterpiece. They serve just the right amount of meat on each sub and can press down on your sandwich to heat it up or you can have it as a cold sub. I would love to see them add a chicken parmesan sub-option to the menu and have fresh fries always available.
Beach grill
The Beach Grill offers quick service for every omelet on the grill as well as freshly made breakfast sandwiches with bacon or sausage. When it’s not breakfast time, the staff always make sure there is a sufficient supply of burgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches and sometimes mozzarella sticks from lunch to closing at 9 p.m. difficult to put in a take out box. I think onion rings could definitely improve the flavor, variety, and popularity of this station. Otherwise, the staff are sociable and pleasant.
The hometown is best known for the breakfast of pancakes and French toast, with toppings such as apples, blueberries, and chocolate chips. The homemade fries that accompany them are very seasoned and always serve hard-boiled eggs as well as scrambled eggs. They cool easily, so make sure you eat them quickly. This is the station I look forward to after a class at 9:35 am, just before lunch starts being served. Lunch and dinner also feature homemade ingredients like steamed green beans and rice to bring a sense of home to college. The waiters know the right amounts to add to each plate and are the friendliest in doing so.
Vegan Vegan
This resort can be tricky with staff available to make an omelet or toast, but when they do, it’s heaven. You might even have the chance to ask Sue to make your avocado toast or omelet. During lunch and dinner, Vegan Veg is more convenient with pre-made portions. They close earlier than the beach grill at dinner, so plan ahead and arrive ahead.
Pizza / Pasta
Pizza Marketplace offers consistent options of cheese, pepperoni, vegetables, and the chef’s choice in portion-size slices that are easy to take out. On the other side is the pasta, which varies from penne to rigatoni to colorful fusilli and more. Pasta sauce and cheese can also be poured on top. Many people come to this station for breadsticks, which are sometimes covered with cheese. You might be coming on the right day, as legend says, Barts Breadsticks are better than FoD.
Tex Mex
At the Tex Mex station, you have the choice of a burrito, nachos, or a simple quesadilla. There are a lot of vegetables to choose from which is very important for Mexican cuisine. But when you have Moe’s on campus, Tex Mex chips can be slightly saltier and be served in larger portions.
asian fusion
This first station is very popular which creates a long queue at prime time due to the skip. The time spent in line is well worth it as the ingredients are of the highest quality and the meat is exceptionally well cooked. Bowls and plates are served there as well, so no need to queue with one. Grab a fortune cookie at the end for a balanced meal.

Single portions
Here there are quality meat choices during lunch and dinner like pork, steak, and salmon. The meat is usually accompanied by well-steamed vegetables and a carbohydrate, like rice or potatoes, which are normally sliced ​​roughly to fill your plate. Simple Servings is also allergen-friendly, with the majority of dishes being gluten and dairy free. The only downside is that they are only open at specific times which makes this another resort to watch out for. To minimize contamination, they also provide their own plates, so be careful before buying one elsewhere.

Various stations
The salad bar is well stocked with vegetables but may lack some popular dressings and even salads. If they ever go out, just grab a veggie pizza. Next to the salad bar is the My Zone station for students with special dietary needs, including ready meals without nuts, gluten and dairy. The coffee station unfortunately recently ditched black coffee, but added a pretty interesting chocolate cherry flavor. It doesn’t appear to be in demand, but if you’re one of the privileged few who enjoy it, congratulations. As it turns out, this counter lacks a dairy-free milk option, but a popular demand for almond milk may well arise in the near future. The beverage station on the right is the Pepsi brand, and there’s a popular taste for Fanta orange, ginger ale, and lemonade.
The cremerie
On the pride and joy of this dining room, the waffle iron is precise with timing and always has batter. The non-stick spray has been gone for a while, causing a few disasters. However, the queue can be long and there is sometimes the “out of service” sign, so be aware. The Cereal Station has all your favorites and is always fully stocked with cereals. There are also fruits readily available with various yogurt options, as well as cottage cheese to mix and match. In addition to the occasional breakfast muffins and donuts, the dessert station usually offers cookies, brownies, and a cake topper to top the night off. The soft serve on the side is an excellent pick-me-up after a long day. Here they serve chocolate, vanilla or a swirl of the two; late at night is a great time to squeeze in a cup of Pepsi to fill as the population begins to decline around 8:30 p.m.