December 2, 2022

Elves are jumping on their shelves in style here in South Jersey

It’s almost time, parents!

The elf on a shelf is getting ready to leave the North Pole and keep an eye on your child for Santa Claus! Has your child’s elf ever returned from the North Pole? If not now, then he or she is coming back soon.

I have to warn you… they might come back in force this year 😉

Seriously, I know parents can go a little overboard with the holiday season for their kids, but this is outrageous to me. Cool, I guess. It just seems redundant to spend money on something like this with all the bills that usually come with the holiday season that you can’t escape. Christmas gifts aren’t cheap, after all. This is especially true for this year.

Apparently some people are planning some of the most elaborate “Elf On a Shelf” returns I’ve ever seen.

Let’s back up for a second…

If you’re not familiar with “The Elf On A Shelf”, it’s a tradition that has come to life over the past few years, beginning with a book of the same name about elves staying in children’s homes and spy. for Santa Claus. Now each book comes with an elf, so each child who gets the book gets one. You guessed it – the elf “comes back” from the North Pole every year to be Santa’s eyes and ears.

Now the elves can get a little mean when no one is watching. Sometimes they get into the flour pot and do some damage. Sometimes they cause a hoarse with toilet paper. Parents can be quite creative. The thing is, the elves mess up while everyone else is sleeping. Then the children wake up and see what debauchery the elves have been involved in that night.

The things people do to keep this illusion alive for their children are quite impressive. So many creative ideas have been shared on social media. They’re pretty hilarious too. This one idea, however, for the return of the elves, is on a whole new level of ‘crafting’.

“Elf On A Shelf” reunions also become elaborate and gender reveal. I have to admit it’s pretty cool, though. It’s definitely something the kids will never forget. I guess if it’s to create nostalgic memories, I completely understand why parents would do that.

What do you think? Is it too much? You told us! If you want your kids’ elves to make a grand entrance this holiday season, get all the balloon info HERE.

Source:, Facebook

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