September 23, 2022

Flippy, meet Chippy, the new robotic arm for cooking tortilla chips from Chipotle – TechCrunch

From the company that gave you Flippy, the robotic arm for cooking burgers, comes Chippy, which does the same for tortilla chips. Miso Robotics announced today that it has teamed up with fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain Chipotle to develop a system designed to fry and season fries – not too much of a stretch, really, after Flippy 2 figured out how to do it. last fries for White Castle an.

The new robot/AI system is currently being tested at the chain’s Cultivate Center food lab in Orange County. He plans to start testing Southern California restaurants at some point later this year. Like the Flippy rollout before it, Chippy’s maker will use the testing period to figure out what’s working — and not working — for employees and customers.

In addition to submerging the basket into the tub of hot oil, the system is also designed to season the fries with salt and lime juice. Chipotle says a little chaos is key to bringing some humanity back to the system.

“Everyone likes to find a fry with a little more salt or an extra hint of lime,” said Nevielle Panthaky, vice president of Culinary, Chipotle. “To ensure we don’t lose the humanity behind our culinary experience, we have trained Chippy extensively to ensure the result reflects our current product, delivering the subtle flavor variations our customers expect.”

Chippy joins Flippy and Miso’s soft drink dispenser, Sippy. Can Tippy the Serving Robot or Trippy the Grass Janitor Robot be far behind?