October 1, 2022

Groceries in Tijuana help Californians beat inflation

TIJUANA (Border Report) — Nauni says inflation has driven food prices way too high in her hometown of Los Angeles, and that’s why she drives two hours to Tijuana every two weeks to do his shopping.

That day, she came to buy food, candies for her children and a piñata.

“A piñata in LA is $25; here it’s only 150 pesos ($7.50),” Nauni said. “Here, if you pay in dollars, you get more for your money, there you don’t.”

Nauni is one of several people Border Report spoke to at Mercado Hidalgo, a popular market not far from the border where the parking lot is filled with cars with California license plates.

Nauni is from Los Angeles and is shopping at Mercado Hidalgo in Tijuana. (Jorge Nieto/Special for the border report)

“I’ve spoken to many families who come here to shop and they tell me they’re saving a lot of money coming here right now,” said Francisco, who runs the market.

He says it’s not unusual to see more customers from north of the border on weekends, but the rise over the week has been a revelation.

“We’ve seen a 20-30% increase in customers from the United States Monday through Friday,” he said.

Others, like Miguel, who runs a stand selling Mexican candy and piñatas, said they’ve also noticed an increase in customers from north of the border.

“We’re seeing people who now prefer to come here instead of buying from LA because of the prices,” he said.

Cynthia, a client of Miguel’s from West Covina in the Los Angeles area, said she came here for one simple reason.

“Everything is cheaper,” she says. “We can also go to dinner with the family and it’s cheaper, buying everything on this market is cheaper.”