August 4, 2022

“I would like to start doing all this when…”

On the one hand, we have the past and still the present of tennis, the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal. The Majorcan won his second Australian Open of his career a few days ago and especially his twenty-first career Grand Slam title, making a comeback over the big favorite opponent at the start Daniil Medvedev.

On the other hand, there is the Golden Boy of blue tennis, the South Tyrolean athlete Jannik Sinner, now a blue tennis player present for months in the World Top Ten. Besides tennis, these are the things that concern these two athletes on the circuit and many have not missed a detail concerning the two tennis players, a social detail.

These days the social profiles of the Center Riccardo Piatti, historical and well-known coach of the young blues, published a photo a few days before the Australian Open. Before the start of the tournament, Jannik Sinner, Rafael Nadal, Riccardo Piatti, Carlos Moya and other members of their staff were at dinner, a somewhat unexpected dinner.

On social networks, many wondered if it was a friendly dinner or if there were other purposes to discuss and the most varied hypotheses were sketched. Currently Jannik Sinner is arrested due to being positive for the Coronavirus, he missed the ATP tournament in Rotterdam, a tournament where he was registered and which he had to give up.

The date of his return is unknown with Jannik looking forward to getting back on the pitch and fighting for the circuit’s main goals again.

Nadal expected to participate in the Mexican Open

In a recent interview with The Sun, World No.

5 Rafael Nadal has revealed that although he “loves children”, he will probably wait until his sporting career is over before starting a family. “I would like to have children: boys, girls… I am a person who loves children and I am a family guy.

But also I tell you that the reality is that the years pass, I would like to start doing all this when my sporting life determines it”, said Nadal. In the interview, Nadal felt that having children would not be “ideal.” given his busy travel schedule.

“I think it’s also first and foremost about taking care of the children. I don’t know if it’s [travelling throughout the year and having children] is ideal,” added the former world No. February 26.