August 4, 2022

Mexican breakfast spot with traditional dishes in Ocean City

A family from Ocean City brings a taste of their homeland to the resort.

Casita Linda, a Mexican bakery and breakfast cafe, will open Thursday, April 25 at 218 North Baltimore Avenue. Owned by Linda Barragán, she and her family offer a menu of basic Mexican sweet breads, coffee drinks, and breakfast platters.

Barragán, who has always known how to create something delicious in the kitchen, decided to bring something new to Ocean City because she didn’t see a lot of Mexican food, especially baked goods and food for the breakfast, represented in other parts of Delmarva.

Mother Rosa Barragán and sisters Cynthia Barragán, manager, and Linda Barragán, owner, will be opening Casita Linda, a Mexican bakery and breakfast cafe, on Thursday, April 25.

“These were things I knew how to do so I thought Ocean City needed a little more,” she said.

The Barragáns, originally from Irapuato, Guanajuato, Mexico, moved to Ocean City in 2006. The family owns stores in central Mexico, so it was only natural to start a restaurant in the United States.

While most of the family left Ocean City a few years ago, they returned earlier this year to support Linda and help open the new restaurant. She also received help from her husband’s family, as Linda said most of the interiors were built by her husband.

Barragán and his sister Cynthia Barragán learned the traditional recipes that customers can taste from their mother, Rosa Barragán.

Rosa credits what she learned from her parents and most of the things she passed on to her daughters for which they no longer need much help. However, the girls will dispute this, claiming that FaceTime phone calls are still needed for the occasional step-by-step recipe instruction.

Inside Casita Linda, a Mexican bakery and breakfast cafe, will open on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

“We have grown up with a lot of recipes that we will be presenting in town,” said Cynthia.

The Barragán trio will each take on different aspects of the menu: Linda on baked goods, Cynthia on coffee and drink menu orders, and Rosa as head chef preparing breakfast and brunch items.

“We each bring a little piece of what we know to the table as far as different recipes,” Cynthia said.

As for the menu, customers can expect many Mexican must-haves.

In the bakery, Linda will offer Concha – a type of Mexican sweet bread – and a Pan Dulce Mole Braid, a sweet and spicy bread with a hint of chocolate.

Other breakfast options include tortas, a type of Mexican breakfast sandwich made with chicken tinga, ham, carne asada, chorizo, or, for vegetarians, cactus. Also, various empanadas, quesadillas and a burrito will be offered.

To accompany your breakfast, Casita Linda will offer a wide range of coffees and traditional Mexican drinks.

Customers can order horchata, a sweet and refreshing drink made from rice milk and cinnamon that is usually served ice cold. Those who want to add a touch can order a horchata latte or a horchata soufflé.

Inside Casita Linda, a Mexican bakery and breakfast cafe, will open on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

The restaurant will also offer another must-see, the Chocolate Abuelita. This Mexican hot chocolate has a little more spice than some are used to and can also be ordered as a latte or as a batter.

Through social media and family word-of-mouth, Linda said the anticipation for Casita Linda is already starting to grow. Although the experience was nerve-racking, the family are excited to bring something new and different to Ocean City.

“I look forward to opening up and being able to deliver what we have been looking forward to for the past few months,” said Cynthia.

Opening a restaurant also came with its challenges. Linda said it’s hard to find wholesalers to buy genuine ingredients, as well as other little things you can’t take into account.

“All the little logistics (it’s difficult) because it’s like starting from scratch,” Linda said.

However, the family is delighted to open the doors and give customers a little taste of Mexico.

Rosa looks at her daughters with love, saying how proud she is of how far they have come in their careers.

“It makes me so happy, I just wanna cry,” Rosa said.

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If you are going to:

What: Casita Linda

Or: 218 N Baltimore Ave. in Ocean City

When: Opening Thursday April 25. Open Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. After May 24, hours will be Monday to Sunday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.