September 23, 2022

Mexican food: Chef Panjak Bhadouria shares Rajma Burrito recipe that’s perfect for weekend indulgence

There is no doubt that we all love to gorge ourselves on Indian food. But once in a while, all we want to do is skip some of it and have food from a different cuisine. You can sometimes prepare Italian, Chinese or even continental dishes. However, if you want to indulge in something completely new, then trust us, you have to try Mexican food! There are many tasty recipes you can make. However, if you want to try something simple yet indulgent, then a burrito is perfect for that. And since the weekend is here, this recipe is a must. We’re sure the people in your household will love gorging on these fulfilling burritos.

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For the uninitiated, a burrito is a classic Mexican dish where vegetables, meat, rice, spices and sauces are wrapped in a tortilla. You could even say that a burrito is a complete meal in itself that fills your stomach in no time. Today we bring you an easy recipe for a rajma burrito by chef Pankaj Bhadouria. Here she uses simple, everyday ingredients so you don’t have to buy anything fancy to cook it. Plus, even an amateur cook can’t go wrong with this recipe. So, without waiting, let’s discover the recipe for this dish.

Rajma Burrito Recipe: Here’s How To Make Rajma Burrito

First, heat a frying pan and a little oil. To this, add minced garlic, onion, pepper and rajma. Now add salt, red chilli powder, cumin powder and mix. Then, from above, add the freshly chopped onions and mix. In a bowl, add the chopped onion, coriander and tomato and add a little salt and spices. Now, for assembly, heat a tortilla in a skillet and spread some salsa sauce on it. Then add rice, cover it with the prepared rajma mixture, season it and wrap it. Heat again in a pan and serve!

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Watch the full video recipe here:

Try a different cuisine with this delicious rajma burrito and let us know if you liked the taste!