October 1, 2022

Montrose’s Mexican Staple Plans New Caviar + Coffee Breakfast Joint

“He brainwashed me.”

Ana Beaven is not one to mince words. The owner of Cucharathe popular Montrose restaurant that serves dishes found in Mexico City, explains how her business partner Charlie McDaniel convinced her to open Cucharita, a new breakfast concept set to debut next month.

Originally, Beaven says she only planned to find commercial kitchen space that could support Cuchara’s growing restaurant business. When the nearby Pepper Twins space became available, its proximity to Cuchara opened up the possibility of using the kitchen and its dining room as a space for private dinners, guest chefs and other events, but McDaniel had a broader view.

“Every time we go to Mexico City, all he wants to do is have breakfast,” Beaven says. “He said, ‘Let’s have breakfast. He brainwashed me. I said okay. That’s the whole idea of ​​having a cafe with breakfast.

Cucharita will be open six days a week with a menu that includes six varieties of pan dulce as well as other pastries such as cakes and toast. A range of egg dishes will include a weekly chilaquile special. Beaven also plans to serve a weekly specialty torta, pozoles and other soups, and tamales. Critically, none of the dishes will overlap with any of Cuchara’s brunch menus.

Beyond these staples, it has developed a special caviar service that pairs the delicacy with dishes such as mini corn cakes, macaroons, and sides like creme fraiche and chipotle cream. She notes that Centeōtl, the Aztec corn deity, would frequently be depicted with elements of corn and water, so the pairing has historical roots.

“It’s my pride and my joy,” she said. “It took us forever to find the right caviar, the right accessories, the right corn combinations. We source our corn from Mexico. For maize and caviar, we exported so many types of maize until we found the perfect ones. »

Drink options will start with juices, agua frescas and Cuchara’s own coffee blend. Plus, it will serve breakfast cocktails including a house margarita, paloma, and coffee cocktails with Mexican liqueurs. A martini breakfast will include cheese-stuffed olives and pickled onions.

“Breakfast cocktails are what excites me the most. We developed this Bloody Mary mix which is fantastic. It’s sweet, so we call it a dulce Maria,” adds Beaven.

Cucharita will offer another surprise to its customers. Occasionally it will operate as a speakeasy. When the neon spoon is on, patrons can stop in for cocktails and live music in a fancy atmosphere.

“In Mexico we have a lot of speakeasies, and I love that,” she says. “What I want to do with the speakeasy is advertise it to some degree, but not really. So it becomes private. It’s mellow. It’s not going to become a scandal.