December 2, 2022

New Houston Cucharita restaurant offers authentic Mexican breakfast, lunch and brunch

Mexican Restaurant and Montrose Pillar Cuchara officially welcomed a new member into their foster family on October 15. Cucharita, located at 315 Fairview (formerly occupied by Pepper Twins), is a stone’s throw from its older sibling in a building that is both full of character and charm. Just like Cuchara, Cucharita has adopted the same lively and authentic characteristics, but with a more feminine touch. The dining room is intimate and provides an inviting space where guests can order takeout or relax and enjoy a full seated experience.

The Lechero in Cucharita. Photo by Danielle Lomeli.

The all-day breakfast and lunch menu at Cucharita includes traditional sweet breads, coffee and egg dishes. Overall, the menu speaks to the culture of Mexico City and the belief that every day should start with a full heart and a full stomach – but first, the coffee. The menu offers a range of coffees (coffees) that seduce aficionados, gourmands and all the others. Each item includes Cucharita’s own brand of coffee, which can be purchased by the bag to enjoy in the comfort of your home or office.

Mexican-style coffee at Cucharita. Photo by Danielle Lomeli.

The Lechero, consisting of steamed milk poured over a velvety espresso, is served at the table and accompanied by a mini chocolate chip muffin that makes you feel right at home. For days “out of the office”, Cucharita also offers breakfast and cocktails at the cafe. An attractive option is Mexican coffeewhich is a decadent drink made with robust black coffee, Kahlua coffee liqueur and whipped cream topped with chocolate and cinnamon powder.

Chilaquiles de Semana (mole) in Cucharita. Photo by Danielle Lomeli.

For my brunch-loving friends Cuchara, Cucharita’s Chilaquiles from Semana can be enjoyed daily and with weekly surprise updates. Currently, chilaquiles are offered with a rich mole sauce topped with Mexican cream and cotija cheese. This dish offers the comfort of a home-cooked meal while introducing the flair of Cucharita. It’s no surprise that this is a Cuchara family bestseller.

Waffle con Cinco Leches in Cucharita. Photo by Danielle Lomeli

The Waffle with Cinco Leches is an ode to a traditional Mexican dessert, very lechesas it is too made from three different types of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and whole milk or cream. Cucharita has kicked it up two notches by adding coconut and freshly whipped cream to this hearty waffle.

On the menu, an assortment of homemade sweet breads every day. These beautifully eye-catching pastries are presented in such a way that they instantly transport guests to a panadería (bakery) in the heart of Mexico City. Cucharita’s point of view on a cronut (a crescent-shaped pastry that looks like a doughnut) caught my eye because of the bright red fresh strawberry perched on top. The sweet bread itself was flaky, buttery, and the perfect vessel for a fluffy cream cheese filling.

Mural by Cecilia Beaven inside Cucharita. Photo by Danielle Lomeli.

A fresco painted by Cecile bevenco-owner’s sister Anne beven, adorns the main wall inside the cafe and appropriately captures the essence and elegance of Cucharita. Pops of soft pink and sea-foam green provide the perfect escape for guests to enjoy breakfast at their leisure.

Cucharita is open Tuesday to Sunday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.