September 23, 2022

Nicole Scherzinger in “Into the New Week” swimsuit — Celebwell

Singer Nicole Scherzinger is proud of her hometown and her boyfriend Thom Evans is there to cheer her on. Scherzinger, who was born in Honolulu, posted an adorable photo of the two of them enjoying the beach at sunset, her in a yellow bathing suit and shawl, a printed blanket and a straw hat, and he wearing a “Hawaii” t-shirt. She captioned the photo, “Happy blessed Sunday everyone.” In another, she wears the same outfit and rides an electric skateboard. “Rolling into the new week like…with one love 💕,” she captioned that one. How does she stay in shape? Read on to see 5 ways Nicole Scherzinger stays fit and the photos that prove they work — and to get beach-ready, don’t miss these essentials 30 Best Celebrity Swimsuit Photos!

Scherzinger likes to do a lot of different things when she trains. Whenever she’s talked about her favorite workouts, her list is quite long and varied. “In a typical workout, I would run on the treadmill for maybe 20 minutes, then try doing squats, sit-ups on the exercise ball, yoga stretches,” she said. . Women’s health.

Scherzinger is open about the struggles she’s been through in her life, especially her battle with bulimia. She said Cosmopolitan that she had an epiphany one day that forced her to seek help. “I had started to lose my voice, I couldn’t sing in concerts anymore, then I remember my manager finding me passed out on the floor in Malta or the south of France. I said to myself: ‘I I’m gonna lose it all. love if I don’t love myself. One day when you feel like you’ve reached the end, you just say, ‘I don’t do this anymore.’ It’s sad how I ruined my life I had such a great life on the outside the Dolls were on top of the world but I was miserable on the inside I will never let that happen again you only have one only life – I only turned 27 once.”

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Scherzinger is a member of girl group The Pussycat Dolls, known for their incredible choreography. She’s also still on the move today and even won season 10 of Dancing With The Stars. Scherzinger also enjoys posting dance videos on social media, like this one on Instagram. She captioned that post, “Starting the week with straight grooves, who’s with me?”

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An important part of life is having a good support system. It can also help in training, and for Scherzinger it does. She tells Women’s Health that she and her friends love working out together and they all motivate each other. “My girlfriends and I support each other in the gym. We’ll go hiking one day, then we’ll try a sculpting hot yoga class, then we’ll do cardio. We’re just motivating each other.”

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Scherzinger broke down her typical day on a plate at Women’s Health. She revealed that she eats a balanced diet, staying healthy most of the time, but making time to indulge herself. “For breakfast, I love eggs and toast, or smoked salmon or bacon, or porridge. For lunch, I might like soup or sushi. For dinner, don’t anything from pasta to rice, meat and veggies to sushi When I go indulge I love pasta, pizza, I love Mexican food with lots of cheese I love fries , or chips – salt and vinegar chips In terms of snacks: almonds, coconut water, coconut pieces, baby carrots.