December 2, 2022

No reason given for closure of Falmouth Bueno Loco on Route 1

There was a warning, but no reason.

Bueno Loco posted on his Facebook page on September 21, a fairly simple and precise message:

Dear friends and customers,
We will close our doors at the end of the month; our last day will be Friday September 30th.
A new restaurant tenant will enter this space which we believe will be a great addition to the Falmouth community.
Thank you for your support and patronage, it was a magical ride.
Forward and upward,
Bueno Loco



They said another restaurant was coming but no word on what it might be and more importantly no word on why Bueno Loco decided to hang it up. People would always stop surprised to see a note on the door that was the same message as their Facebook page.



The place was bright and big and had all the Mexican restaurant favorites like tacos, fajitas, burritos and a mean margarita. Plus they had live music and open mic nights. A new owner took over just before the pandemic shut down the world. So that timing may have played a big part in why they decided to shut down. There’s a lot food-wise happening on the ‘miraculous mile‘ Section of Route One in Falmouth. The new Sicilian table is now open and a new seat is coming soon to the old Bueno Loco.

My parents owned a restaurant with no pandemic worries and they had a great time. Even decades ago, finding help was a challenge. Anyone running a restaurant these days is brave and I wish you all the best of luck!

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