November 27, 2022

Richland restaurant owner encourages people to dine at another restaurant

Tumbleweeds restaurant owner Keith Moon wanted to flash Baby J’s with his support

RICHLAND, Wash. – It’s not often you hear of a restaurant owner encouraging customers to eat elsewhere, but on Monday Tumbleweeds of Richland owner Keith Moon sent a clear message:

“Join us as we shower Baby J’s BBQ restaurant with love and support and flash them into business,” he wrote on the restaurant’s Facebook page.

On Monday, Moon took to Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to support Baby J’s, a West Richland barbecue restaurant whose owner suffered a devastating loss in 2021.

Nancy Mack, the owner of Baby J’s, lost her entire house just before the holidays. The restaurant, named after his nine-year-old son, Josiah, bears his name. The family was devastated to learn that one morning a battery started a fire that destroyed everything in its path.

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In light of this tragedy, Moon wanted to show another local restaurant some love and support.

In addition to the support Moon was able to get, several other local businesses commented on the post, such as real estate agencies, saying they would also place orders with Baby J’s.

Tri-City Food Force, a local food delivery service, even offered free deliveries from Baby J’s during their Monday hours.

Baby J’s who is just down Stevens Drive from Tumbleweeds was grateful for the support.

“There will be other days to support Tumbleweeds but I ask that you support Baby J’s BBQ,” Moon wrote on Facebook.

An Instagram Story on Monday morning showed a conversation between Moon and Mack saying orders were already coming in before the barbecue opened at 10 a.m.

Baby J’s BBQ is located at 2243 Stevens Drive in Richland and Tumbleweeds Mexican Food is also at 894 Stevens Drive in Richland.