December 2, 2022

Taco Bell is bringing back one of its most requested menu items

Taco Bell heard our cries and brought Mexican pizza back last spring, and more recently, permanently. And because we were right in the first round (you’re welcome to all that Mexican Pizza income, T-Bell), the chain lets us decide again.

In light of election season, Taco Bell is pitting two of its most requested discontinued menu items against each other. Between September 27 and October 6, fans can vote between Double decker tacos and Enchirito. The winning favorite will make a limited-edition return to menus.

“On the heels of the love and passion we’ve seen for Mexican Pizza, we wanted to continue to elevate the voices of our most loyal fans by giving them exclusive access to a unique digital experience that fosters the love of the brand,” Chief Brand Officer Sean Tresvant said in a press release. “No one gets Taco Bell more than our community, so we’re excited to give them this in-app voting experience that allows them to have a direct impact on our menu.”

Courtesy of Taco Bell

In case you need a reminder, here it is. The Double Decker Taco was first introduced in 1995 and remained a permanent menu item until June 2006. It was discontinued entirely in 2019. The huge meat boat features a soft flour tortilla covered in beans and wrapped around a crisp taco shell filled with seasoning. beef, crispy lettuce and cheddar cheese. The Enchirito, whose origin dates back to 1970, is a soft flour tortilla loaded with seasoned beef, beans and rolled-up diced onions, smothered in a classic red sauce and topped with cheese. He left the menus in 2013.

You can vote daily on the Taco Bell app until October 6 before the winning entry is announced on October 7.

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Megan Schaltegger is an editor on the News team at Thrillist.