October 1, 2022

Teen Punk Band the Linda Lindas on the food that fuels their music

Sisters Lucia and Mila de la Garza, 15 and 11 respectively, their cousin Eloise Wong, 14, and friend Bela Salazar, 17, form The Linda Lindas, a Los Angeles-based punk rock band that has made waves with the release of their viral anti-hate anthem “Racist, Sexist Boy.” Since debuting the song in May 2021 live at the LA Public Library, they’ve taken the world by storm, continuing their education while creating and performing new music, including the “Take Out with Lisa Ling” theme on HBO Max. In April, they released their first full album, “Growing Up”, with Epitaph Records.

Linda Lindas’ “Growing Up” album cover.The Lindas Lindas

In a recent New York Times article, they were asked if they had any pre-show rituals. Their response ? “Snacks.”

From favorite family meals from their Chinese American, Salvadoran American and Mexican American heritages to the treats that fuel them for rehearsals, we spoke with them about all things food along their journey to stardom. Whether they’re performing, touring, or doing homework, food remains more than a constant — it’s a passion — for the four band members. Especially Boba.

TODAY Food: Do you have a favorite weekday meal?

Lucy : Chard Soup, Potato Leek Soup and Bethany’s Weird Soup (Cosentino, from rock duo Best Coast) – similar to minestrone. You throw everything you have into it.

Mila: Spaghetti with red sauce at home.

Eloise: Anything with rice.

Bela: Plantains with refried beans, cactus and tortillas!

TF: What does a typical meal day look like for you?

Lucy : I usually don’t eat breakfast before going to school. And then I have fruit or granola for nutrition, and leftovers for lunch. I’ll have a snack on my way home from school, with boba if there’s group training, and dinner can be almost anything.

Mila: Mine is quite close to Lucia’s.

Eloise: I get up too late to have breakfast before going to school. Sometimes during nutrition I have breakfast at school and then I eat lunch which is packed in the container I took (Mila). Dinner is at home or with the group.

Bela: While eating crappy school lunch then delicious dinner.

TF: Is there anything you need to fuel you through a long day or rehearsal?

All: Boba.

Lucy : We eat a lot of snacks at group practice. Mila and Bela are generally responsible for their choice.

Mila: Cheez-Its, pretzels, Japanese rice crackers, Japanese corn puff sticks, animal crackers, watermelon.

Eloise: I drink a lot of hot water. It makes me happy.

Bela: I feel like I eat more when I’m stressed.

TF: There was a lyric in your song, “Missing You,” about missing dinner at your grandma’s house during the pandemic lockdown. What are your favorite dishes prepared by your families, or the ones you miss eating?

Eloise: I particularly like my popo’s steamed eggs, radish pancakes, sesame balls, herbal drinks.

Lucy : Taco night with my grandpa and the macaroni and cheese my grandma made.

Mila: And his fried rice cakes.

Bela: I miss having Salvadoran French sandwiches!

TF: What do you prefer to cook or bake?

Lucy : I like to make coconut cookies, matcha cake, olive oil cake and other desserts, as well as waffles, pancakes and crepes.

Mila: I eat what (Lucia) cooks or bakes.

Eloise: I can kind of make tomatoes and eggs, fried rice, and tang yuan. It’s a sticky rice ball soup. I also made Earl Gray cookies.

Bela: I like to make chocolate chip pumpkin buns.

TF: Are there any books, movies, or shows that make you hungry?

Eloise: “Kitchen God”. Also, the “Miraculous Ladybug” episode with an apple pancake.

Lucy : All shows and books that mention food.

Mila: The filmRatatouille” and the TV show “Take Out with Lisa Ling”, which has a great theme song, by the way.

TF: Is there a food you always crave, or a food you wanted to try?

Lucy : I often crave churros, cornbread and pho, but at different times.

Mila: I always crave tiramisu.

Eloise: I want to try an apple pancake.

Bela: A Destroyer jam bar in Culver City.

TF: After school snacks?

Mila: Apple.

Lucy : Frozen yogurt or smoothies.

Eloise: Whatever the school gives me.

Bela: Slime Hot Cheetos.

TF: Is anyone in the band hungry?

Eloise: We are not hungry because we constantly eat snacks or drink boba.

Mila: But sometimes we get tired.

Bela: It’s not true, I’m hungry! Haha!

TF: If you had to choose one, what would be your favorite comfort food?

Eloise: Jook – Korean rice porridge.

Lucy : Butterflies with pesto, but not creamy.

Mila: Butter and cheese pasta.

Bela: I know it’s awful, but Kraft macaroni and cheese.

TF: Will food be found in any of your new musical projects?

Bela: With a bit of luck!

Lucy : Maybe we’ll have a bake sale at one of our lounges.

Eloise: Or set up a lemonade stand between recording and touring.

Mila: There’s a food fight in our next clip!

This interview has been edited and condensed.